Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kites Fly Yellow in poetry............

What is poetry? Poetry is the memory, and recollections of thoughts, words never spoken out loud, whispers never heard. Shouts written out clearly for all to see. A stream of thought. A meteor shower in the mind that fall for all to see. Exposed to life in wonders and cheers. Contemplating. Sharing. Ecstatic. Pondering. An action taken to continue on a path of reflection. When one realizes that life is more that what is visible. When emotions have fall and rise.
And become someone else’s inspiration, when someone’s joy rises and is but mirror images of faith. It is white. A word that expresses the inner feelings and attempts to use words that others could understand. It’s the beating of the heart, or the numbness of the mind. To feel like the heart has melted or the mind is frozen in time. What is more than a word, it never ages in time. It is every season in the our mind. Leaf…..It’s the late nights that keep the mind awake, and aware of every surrounding. To notice something seen for years, and to say it is the most beautiful wonder of the mind. To express an emotion only you have felt, using words that you only have composed. Sweet.... An expression of love, fear, cheer, sadness, and joy. The roller coaster a heart undergoes, or the heart felt joy found in life’s intricate expressions. Caterpillar. The words, that capture a moment in time, a voice that only those who are lucky enough to hear will know. The chants, the chorus, the songs, the authority, the submission, the stands to fight for what is right. A hill of endless codes that only a few can decode. Purple. Where some have build walls to keep others out. To find that secrets could only be shared with metaphors or similes, when sounds can speak louder than words, which are left in silence. It is the travels, and wonders. Blue. Found. Flying it encompasses all aspects of the language. It is the voice that all could understand, the pictures that formulate friendships, that all could feel. It is the cat or the bird that never has been interviewed. The skies that never been studied. The missing clue to find a treasure, desperately wanting to be found. Stories that lure the heart to feel. Whatever emotion that might be. Green. Time. Brown. Time. It is the time spend sitting, in silence listening to a train pass by. A blur of faces that we encounter. Snail. The nothingness never understood. Hidden. The something only those that have felt desire to come near. It is the conversations that a stranger tells, life’s journeys no one has ever faced. It is something, to those that listen. It is unique. When it rhymes it creates an orchestra of music. Orange. When it fails to meet a formula it is a work of art. It will be forever analyzed a secret taken and it is never shared. Like hieroglyphs it is an eclipse. Look out the window, and tell me what you see? Sunlight. I see poetry in every sight, every angle to be analyzed has a moment in time it was shared, in conversations,  half a century or five, every thing has changed, everlasting, you are now there. Creating a new story, a recollection of someone else‘s thoughts. It is to write and not erase. Closely thought out, analyzed or simplified a forest of dreams. A definition of endless possible abstract concepts. The capturing and releasing of freedom. To be content among the living and awakening the sleeping and remind all that time is like yellow

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rollerblades are like surfing sidewalks.........

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking back in, as I was washing dishes today I was thinking about how I wanted to go out and rollerblade. When I was younger I used to rollerblade every was fun waking up and putting on the blades and exploring the neighborhood while going to the store. Yes, I had my shoes in a backpack but it was fun to glide the sidewalks many times to the library near by.... and though it would hurt.... I did fall many times...but then I would put on a bandaid...what can I say...the barbie band it was soo cool and even when the wound healed :) I would put another new bandaid. I didn't go rollerblading after all today but one of these days I am going to blade and hope to not fall because a bandaid is no longer's a Pocahontas bandaid :) oh time has not changed my mind.... that is still the coolest one.....

Saturday, August 3, 2013

What time do vampires sleep?

I just opened my etsy shop! Kites Fly Yellow :)
I hope it inspires you, motivates you, excites you, just like a kid flying a kite! It's the simple things in life that brighten up the day! Come Fly........

This morning I woke up before the birds! More like when vampires are getting ready to sleep...though it wasn't that early 6am I will say that I wanted to hug my blanket for another two hours. I would be pretending if I said I went for a jog or to the gym... most exercise I had was when I walked down the stairs to my car and turned on the engine :) we can just say my car put in more miles than I did. Saturdays are my hobby day! Went to estate sales it is so interesting to have an open door invitation to enter into someone elses homes/life's. Found some cool things, got lost a few times but I learned new routes around the valley. It is a great way to start the morning. Hope you enjoy browsing through my treasures!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Close your eyes and visualize the art!

Today, I wanted to share some of my many streams of thought also known as my attempt at poetry. I had a teacher once tell me in my English class in college that I write in a stream of consciousness. I realized that meant I write as if I am talking to a psychiatrist haha just kidding it means (taken from the internet)- a narrative device used in literature to "depict the multitudinous thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind. I feel that is a great word to describe how I write. Since I was younger I would always write ignoring the rules in the english language, just like when I think. When I am thinking I don't say I need to use a period, or that is a run on sentence, I just think. Below is me some non-sense to others I hope art in poetry, close your eyes and imagine.......

Poem written in 2010 by me

As a child I felt that life was a treasure chest, where I held the key that was shaped like a key board.
It played white music and yellow melodies.
The lyricccccaaal beats of the ocean lead me to believe that an embrace was sweeter than candy a musical hall orchastrated to natures stillness
A constellation of dots in the sky were people waiting for the sun to rise.
It reflects the beauty and song of life.
Sitting down yesterday I observed how everyone has a story to tell, something that makes them unique individuals, like hand made pottery none are the same. God made each different.
Why can't today be a day to skip. A day to laugh because life is a garden, with trees to provide shade, I exist. Stay focused to the simplicity. My focus and inspiration is His Word.
Lets notice the laughter of a passerby, notice the signs of life. Like still life photographs capture and seize the moment like ice to remind you that time keeps moving like today, yesterday, tomorrow, seize today and grow fonder of it, I am content, and know greater things are yet to come. Hand me the map, I'll get in the boat. I hold the key to my hearts treasure. A destination.....
I gaze captivated by life. Sometimes I want to capture it in a box, and ship it to people's doorstep. Our existence is so intricate that it's captivating, I can't fathom it. If life was to place you in an empty room, with a lovely melody and hand you a treasure chest filled with crayons, in every color ever made. Would you sit there bored? Because their is no T.V., no cell phones, no music, or any form of electronics. Is the cup half empty or half full? Turn the room (life) into your white canvas (you have all the right tools). stream of thought.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dancing to Records.... Rock and Roll.....

Hello :) outfit pictured is for sale, I am having a bit of trouble uploading today unto Etsy but I should have it up by tomorrow. Shoes are size 9 1/2 Vera Wang $30, Jean Jacket is of the brand "Road" $85, Black Skirt is Zara $20, Queen Vintage shirt is $35. These are great pieces for going to a rock show, it brings out the rocker in you.... just dance......

Friday, July 26, 2013

Drum beats to hip hop.........

This is a ballet necklace that will be available to buy on Kites Fly Yellow Etsy tomorrow! :) I am just working on more photos. I bought it last weekend, thought it look like the ballerina was saying "yeah I am cool watch me dance". I never took ballet classes but I always thought it be fun.... dancing in a pink tutu :) and dance like in the movie Save the Last Dance..... dancing to the beat of the drum!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pencils and Coins.............

These are a couple of necklaces that will be up for sale this weekend :) Etsy stay tuned. I am working on uploading them and taking more photos. The coin necklace was a neat find! I wonder if they are real coins?.... :) I will go and try to cash them :)......the necklace with the carved pieces of wood reminds me of pencils..... These necklaces could be worn with a t-shirt and a skirt or jeans or a summer dress, a casual European look!