Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rollerblades are like surfing sidewalks.........

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking back in, as I was washing dishes today I was thinking about how I wanted to go out and rollerblade. When I was younger I used to rollerblade every was fun waking up and putting on the blades and exploring the neighborhood while going to the store. Yes, I had my shoes in a backpack but it was fun to glide the sidewalks many times to the library near by.... and though it would hurt.... I did fall many times...but then I would put on a bandaid...what can I say...the barbie band it was soo cool and even when the wound healed :) I would put another new bandaid. I didn't go rollerblading after all today but one of these days I am going to blade and hope to not fall because a bandaid is no longer's a Pocahontas bandaid :) oh time has not changed my mind.... that is still the coolest one.....


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  2. I love rollerblading! haha

    1. Roller bladding is fun :), especially if you have a great bike path you can blade on :D. When there is a cool scenery that is the best! going up hill is hard but going down hill on blades is too fast