Wednesday, July 17, 2013

When Kites Fly Yellow Just Fly........

My first fashion blog and "I wannabe a hipster" photo shoot with my sister (you can catch a reflection of her on my shades). Well, what I hope to share with this blog is to show you my cool findings that I buy on the weekends at, thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, and bargain hunting. I've been yard sale shopping ever since I can remember. I recall going to yard sales in my bicycle (was too young for a car) and finding stuff for great deals! It's in my blood haha but really it is :). So, what I plan to do is post pics of stuff I find and share with you all the good info about it! Pictured is a shirt/shorts I got as a gift :) from someone very special to me thank you :) if you are reading this, I really like them! Belt was $2 at a garage sale, shades I found for $1 at a yard sale, shoes I found at crossroads $20, bracelets all found at yard sales ranging each for 25 cents to $1, and the hat my sis bought it in Tokyo. Stay tune and come and explore when kites fly yellow fly!

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