Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Close your eyes and visualize the art!

Today, I wanted to share some of my many streams of thought also known as my attempt at poetry. I had a teacher once tell me in my English class in college that I write in a stream of consciousness. I realized that meant I write as if I am talking to a psychiatrist haha just kidding it means (taken from the internet)- a narrative device used in literature to "depict the multitudinous thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind. I feel that is a great word to describe how I write. Since I was younger I would always write ignoring the rules in the english language, just like when I think. When I am thinking I don't say I need to use a period, or that is a run on sentence, I just think. Below is me thinking...to some non-sense to others I hope art in poetry, close your eyes and imagine.......

Poem written in 2010 by me

As a child I felt that life was a treasure chest, where I held the key that was shaped like a key board.
It played white music and yellow melodies.
The lyricccccaaal beats of the ocean lead me to believe that an embrace was sweeter than candy a musical hall orchastrated to natures stillness
A constellation of dots in the sky were people waiting for the sun to rise.
It reflects the beauty and song of life.
Sitting down yesterday I observed how everyone has a story to tell, something that makes them unique individuals, like hand made pottery none are the same. God made each different.
Why can't today be a day to skip. A day to laugh because life is a garden, with trees to provide shade, I exist. Stay focused to the simplicity. My focus and inspiration is His Word.
Lets notice the laughter of a passerby, notice the signs of life. Like still life photographs capture and seize the moment like ice to remind you that time keeps moving like today, yesterday, tomorrow, seize today and grow fonder of it, I am content, and know greater things are yet to come. Hand me the map, I'll get in the boat. I hold the key to my hearts treasure. A destination.....
I gaze captivated by life. Sometimes I want to capture it in a box, and ship it to people's doorstep. Our existence is so intricate that it's captivating, I can't fathom it. If life was to place you in an empty room, with a lovely melody and hand you a treasure chest filled with crayons, in every color ever made. Would you sit there bored? Because their is no T.V., no cell phones, no music, or any form of electronics. Is the cup half empty or half full? Turn the room (life) into your white canvas (you have all the right tools). stream of thought.

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